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carsofold.com is a website dedicated to all things cars. This is our first incarnation and we will be greatly expading the site over the coming months.

We intend to cover the latest news and trends in motoring. We will review the most popular models ensuring that our reviews are comprehensive and balanced to bring out the best and the worst of these vehicles. We will also update our readers on the latest releases and updates of popular models.

Our readers will also get exclusive access to the latest industry news and new car releases.

We also plan to provide expert ratings on different car models based on factors such as aesthetics, performance, and fuel efficiency. We also propose to include safety ratings and an eco score that assesses a car’s environmental impact in terms of fuel consumption and pollution. We will categorise the ratings by brand so that you can see where your favourite car ranks for different metrics and the overall score.

We will also provide expert advice on things to look for when buying cars, financing, and maintaining vehicles in good shape. Other topics in the advice section will include dealing with accidents, car insurance, and monetising your vehicle. Meanwhile, the partners section will feature the latest offers and discounts from leading car marketers, part suppliers, and service providers.

Our staff includes motoring experts who have worked with some of the leading car manufacturers and marketers in the UK. We also have writers who are enthusiastic about cars and have written motoring content for prestigious websites and magazines such as Test Drive, The Drive, and Automotive News. The experts have hands-on experience with most brands, while writers produce highly insightful and engaging content for our enthusiastic readers.

Mat Law

Mat is a motoring expert who has 20 years of experience in car sales and marketing. He had marketing stints at BMW, Toyota and, General Motors before branching into fulltime consultancy. He advises brands on marketing strategy, customer engagement, and content creation. He also offers copywriting services to several brands. Mat is a practical writer who provides valuable motoring tips and guides to our loyal readers.

David Pritt

David is a freelance motoring journalist and a member of the Guild of Motoring Writers. He has been writing about cars for the last eight years covering various topics such as style and performance. David produces both written and video content on motoring. He has a YouTube channel that compares the designs and performance of different popular car models. He has also been part of the production team of popular motoring television programs where he writes and edits scripts.

Joanne Rawlins

Joanne is a freelance journalist and editor who has worked with several motoring websites and magazines such as Auto Express and Classic Cars. She started writing as a lifestyle journalist before switching to motoring when she signed a contract with Autocar Magazine. Joanne quickly earned a reputation for producing entertaining and engaging content that elevated her to the position of editor. She later ventured into copywriting and has written promotional material for several car brands. Joanne is a prolific writer who has written very insightful content on our website..

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We can be contacted by post at carsofold.com, Blake House 18 Blake Street York YO1 8QG. ar you could email: ianfarrier (at) carsofold.com. We look forward to hearing from you.